Dr.Sachin Kuber MS, Founder,Diretor

Dr.Sachin Kuber is well experienced since 2002, till now he has peformed thousands of hydrocele surgery.


Hydrocele Clinic was founded by Dr.Sachin Kuber in 2004 at Sun Clinic for the help of Hydrocele patients.


We are responsive to every query and we help really fast to all hydrocele patients. Confusions are cleared and real time help is given to patients.

Best Service

We gurantee best service for the patients through our state of the art network hospitals in Pune city.Polite and affordable surgery options are given to patients.

Unlimited Visits

After the hydrocele surgery unlimited free visits are available to our patients. There should be hindering fact.

We are:

•A dedicated specialty center for Hydrocele repairs and general surgery. 

•We do high standard,non-recurring,cost effective Hydrocele surgeries. 

•We advice on various techniques of Hydrocele repair. 

Our present Hydrocele repair is a small incision,rapidly recovering,almost stitch less Surgery. 

•We do other general surgeries also. Our general surgery is also preceded by superlative efficiency. 

Our Philosophy

Here at Hydrocele Clinic, we are devoted to deliver world-class services to our patients.Since last 6 years due to our friendly rapport with the patients we are evolved as the choice of center for the Hydrocele and other patients.It is our sincere duty towards all humans to provide the reliable treatments and surgery to the patients.